Moving Your Use Cases Slowly Towards Talend Cloud – Step by Step

In most organizational scenarios you will not be rolling out your use cases to Talend Cloud with a big bang – meaning that you turn off the old world and turn on the new world.

Getting There – Step by Step

In most cases moving to the cloud will be a step by step process. You will move some of your use cases to the cloud, run and test them there, experience some differences, some limitations maybe and learn gradually what the best practise approach is. This is an iterative process.

Getting Prepared

In order to prepare yourself, you can setup a trial cloud instance as a playground for your first steps with the Talend Cloud. In addition, you can do some online courses offered by Talend, e.g. Cloud Essentials. This really helps you to get familiar with the enviroment.

Getting Support

We can help you every step of the way to your Talend Cloud. We can have workshops with your tech guys, we can set up your infrastructure to work with Talend Cloud – whatever you need in order to successfully migrate to Talend Cloud. In your own pace and tailored to your needs.

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